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Star Vault has announced that they are bringing Mortal Online up to today's standards of graphic fidelity. In other words, they're giving their character and armor sets a complete visual overhaul. The team has even set it upon themselves to prove that they're serious about being competitive in the top-end graphics department by showing comparison screenshots of how the game used to look and how it can look.

They've been using a donation drive to ramp up the assets of the game, showcasing a nice variance of character detail in before and after shots, which you can view below.

The goal is $6,000 to overhaul the graphics and donations have started already. I imagine they might meet this goal quite easily if they could get their game on Steam. At the moment, the game is still looking for support and promotion on Steam's Greenlight.

The game itself is an open-world, sandbox survival MMORPG. You can be whatever you want, do what you want and go where you want. The game suffered through a lot of bugs and glitches since it's running on one of the unstable versions of the Unreal Engine, but the community has been mentioning how the game is slowly coming up to par after years and years of tweaks, modifications and optimization.

Mortal Online has also turned free-to-play, to you can try the game out if you want by visiting the official website.