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StarVault figured the best way to cull away some of the bad press from the pay-to-play MMORPG, Mortal Online, would be to release a handy set of guides to help acquaint players with the game world.

Originally, I blasted Mortal Online in a review because it felt unfinished, unpolished and unplayable. The only good part about the game was the concept for it, but the execution was just too poor to recommend to players. I’m not sure if SV fixed many of the those issues from a year ago but it looks like they’re trying to open up to some potential new players by making a series of guides to help get people started.

The video walkthrough they released for the character creation process is long. And it’s not long because of all of the character customization tools it’s just long because of all the exposition involving the lore and back-history of the character races. If you’re into that sort of stuff you’ll probably enjoy the video walkthrough below.

You can learn more about Mortal Online by visiting the Official Website.

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