Star Vault's now free-to-play, open-world, survival MMORPG, Mortal Online, has been added to the Greenlight page on Steam. This means that if enough fans join forces, collaborate together and push hard enough, Mortal Online could end up on Steam to garner a new audience and a larger demographic.

I never really liked Mortal Online because it was a glitchy mess when it launched several years ago. Some of the more die-hard fanboys and fangirls have defended the game since launch, however, and claim that at present Mortal Online is much more playable than it was initially. You can see it in action with one of the many, many trailers Star Vault has posted on the Greenlight page.

The game itself is an exercise in surviving a dark-fantasy, open-world. It's a sandbox game where you can build your own place, gather resources and kill or befriend anyone.

While the description above sounds like a medieval DayZ, imagine more glitches, frustrations and rage-moments.

If Star Vault managed to fix up Mortal Online correctly and the game has a proper setup then maybe it'll be all right. You can give the game a test run for yourself to see if it belongs on Steam by visiting the Official Website and downloading the client for free or upvoting the game on the Greenlight page.

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