N4G And Destructoid Users Don't Mind Raping Women In Games

This is not a headline spinning or an editorial. It’s news. Unfortunate news for the gaming audience but news, nonetheless. Recently on the news aggregation site, N4G (which stands for News 4 Gamers) an article was submitted via Destructoid about a Japanese company changing the genre of their rape simulators from “rape simulator” to “platinum games”.

The change comes in an effort to try to boost sales and tone down on the "offensive" nature that "rape simulator" infers. I don't believe there is any way to tone down the content of rape in a game, especially when there shouldn't even be a game like this in the first place.

The surprising turn of the matter, however, is that many of the users at Destructoid and N4G actually condone raping of women in video games, going as far as defending why the games should exist, be sold and actually cater to an audience. As horrible as that sounds there is no way to better state this scenario other than that each and every one of them supporting such a deplorable act is a misogynist (at the least) and truly must hate women.

What’s so sad about this turn of events is that games like Illusion’s RapeLay shouldn’t even exist. The purpose of the game sees players assuming the role of a rapist and brutally raping select women and underage girls. The game ends if any of the women the player rapes happen to get pregnant. Could there be anything worse? Well, there’s always Konami’s SAW.

Amazon was right for banning the game from being sold on their site. Now if only some sort of official could step in and ensure that these sorts of games never make it to the market in the first place.

Oh, and feel free to read the offensive and distasteful comments by the users who don’t mind raping women in video games by clicking on this link here and here.

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Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.