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Natural Selection 2 Development Tools Now Available

The popular first-person, indie-shooter from Unknown Worlds has received an open-source update to enable modders, designers and game makers alike explore their creative side with some scripting tools using Unknown World's LUA scripting engine, Decoda.

According to the notice...

we have released Decoda as open source. This means anyone can download it, change it, modify it, improve it, and use it to create whatever they want. They can modify NS2, create their own games, on our Spark engine or the engine of their choice, and even create their own version of Decoda itself.

Natural Selection 2 pits marines versus aliens in a territory-control environment, forcing players to use both wits and tactical prowess to overcome the odds. The fact that it's PvP-based and team oriented takes it away from a lot of the other standard first-person shooters out there, in fact, you can get grab a look at the game for yourself with the trailer below.

With the modding tools now available, gamers and enthusiasts alike can take to their desktops and start churning out some awesome mods for the game. It's amazing because if we remember correctly Natural Selection started off as a mod and then eventually turned into a full game all its own, and now Unknown Worlds is returning the favor by releasing the mod tools for highly successful indie shooter.

If you'd like to get in on the action and learn more about the Decoda LUA scripting tools, feel free to visit the Official Website.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.