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The Need For Speed is a series that seems to have been on a downward slope for many years now. The quality of the titles vary wildly from each release and the game seems to swing like a pendulum when it comes to fun versus frustration. Well, Ghost Games explains what the biggest problem was for the series and how they're planning on rectifying that problem.

Games Radar posted a small excerpt from the upcoming Official Xbox Magazine where Ghost Games' executive producer Marcus Nilsson explains exactly why the series took a tumble and how they plan on getting back on track. According to Nilsson...
Taking the year off is obviously an answer to that, right? We used it to figure out who we are and what we should be, [...] Was it confusing to have Need for Speed: The Run [six months after having] Shift 2? Absolutely. It is – not only does it saturate Need for Speed, but it also confuses you, ‘What is the experience I get from Need for Speed?’ So, this reboot of the franchise is about getting our foundation correctly laid out – what you see here is what the Need for Speed experience will be for the foreseeable future.

I have to honest, I don't really know what he means by “what you see here”. In regards to this new Need For Speed reboot we haven't seen much of anything but quick-cut clips, gameplay snippets and promotional stills, apart from a very limited demo at E3.

It's hard to tell how the game actually plays or what the features will be like other than that there will be customization like Need For Speed: Underground and there will be street racing and cops. But what about car damage? What about drifting mechanics – will it be closer to NFS: Underground or NFS: Shift? What about repairs? Are cops still playable? And why is the game always-on?

There's just a lot of questions and not a whole lot of answers unless you search around trying to piece together pockets of information from here and there. It's almost like EA and Ghost Games are afraid to show or explain too much, which is scary since the game launches in a few months for home consoles and PC.

The biggest worry I have is that the game is always-on and EA has yet to explain why that is. I'm sure Ghost Games will continually provide some runaround answers but it would be nice if maybe there was some more substantial feature revelations and an explanation about the always-on requirement at this year's GamesCom.

If the always-on actually isn't a requirement but there is an offline option that would alleviate a lot of concerns over this newest Need For Speed. Additionally, if the physics are a lot more refined while still maintaining the arcade feel that the series has been known for, it could help set a nice foundation for the game and help put it back on track after several missteps with games like Need For Speed: Rivals and Need For Speed: The Run.

You can look for the reboot of Need For Speed to launch on November 3rd, 2015 for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.