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Aeria is really moving on up the ranks as a well-respected publisher of big budget MMOs, and adding to their already illustrious line-up of high profile games is EA's Need for Speed World. Aeria is publishing the high-end racing MMO globally.

For those of you who didn't know, Need for Speed World is a free-to-play version of the popular racing title, combining many of the older NFS titles into one speed-driven online open-world. The game contains many of the pursuit features from Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, a lot of the customization options from Need for Speed: Underground and a diverse and richly populated world that ranges from tight turns and sharp corners of mountain passes to spacious runs across highways and freeways, and all the little alleys, nooks and crannies of a compact urban environment.

In short, Need for Speed World is a great game and actually offers more content than what's featured in most other $60 retail games, for free.

The game comes in several different versions for low-end and high-end PCs, features a day-and-night cycle, a robust livery editor, and a nice selection of muscle cars, production cars, sports cars and super cars. You can learn more about Need for Speed World or jump into the action for free by visiting the Official Website.