The open beta for Dungeons and Dragons-inspired MMORPG Neverwinter will wrap up next week. Cryptic Studios is running special events to commemorate the game's transition from beta to release build.

The first phase of the beta's finale is currently underway. Anytime you earn runestones during gameplay, you'll receive twice as many as usual. The same applies to enchantments. This phase will end on June 17th at 12am PDT.

After that, the invasion will begin. Enemies will attack five locations in the Protector's Enclave throughout the day. Starting on June 19th, more dangerous foes will arrive including Unhallowed Wights. These last invaders will arrive every 5 minutes, so there will be plenty of action to go around.

If you help kill any mobs during the invasion, you'll earn a bag of bones that can be redeemed for rewards. Perfect World says that unique enchantments and a unique companion may drop from fallen enemies during the event as well.

Neverwinter's official launch will occur on June 20th. The game will be updated on that date with new Gauntlgrym content for high-level characters.

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