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While many companies are posting profit loss in the first quarter due to a decline in revenue, Nexon America is doing just the opposite and bragging about it from here to the moon and back. The publisher of free-to-pay online games is apparently doing a lot of things right because they’ve seen a 59 percent revenue growth compared to the first quarter of 2010.

Daniel Kim, CEO of Nexon America commented in the press release, saying…
“Our success is the result of our ability to deliver engaging content that our players find valuable, whether they are playing for free or purchasing items in our games,” …“The substantial growth we are experiencing in North America is a reflection of how well Nexon is doing globally. We are growing our traditional MMOG business as well as expanding into other platforms such as the mobile and social games, which will help to expand our global reach and the number of people playing our games.”

With only a handful of games under their publishing wing, Nexon has managed to broadened their audience exponentially using microtransactions and consistently releasing updates and patches for the games they publish.

I’m curious if other companies are taking note, especially considering that two of Nexon’s biggest titles are Maple Story and Vindictus, with a lot of consistent players returning to the very addictive Combat Arms every once in a while.

Nexon will also be attending E3 this year to show off some more of their upcoming, new-generation MMO Dragon Nest. Also, Vindictus will also be on display, showcasing that a game doesn’t have to be $60 or on the Xbox 360 or PS3 to totally kick butt and take names as a triple-A title.

In addition to the E3 and revenue news, Nexon will also debut MapleStory Adventures for Facebook this summer, which is an MMO social networking game.

You can learn more about Nexon America and their games by heading on over to the Official Website.