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NiGHTS: Journey Of Dreams - Persona Masks And New Screens

Oh goody, new gameplay elements for the NiGHTS sequel. I’m still anticipating this game, despite some derisive commentary recently following hands on time with the title. So it plays like the original, isn’t that one of the things that made NiGHTS so great in the first place? Today SEGA announced the new Persona masks for NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams. These will allow players using Will or Helen to access new areas with the distinctive abilities and powers of the masks.

Once found, you’ll be able to use a Persona mask at any time. Hopefully this adds an element of puzzle solving, and not arbitrary gimmick enhancement. Trying to figure out when to use a mask you’ve found, and which one, should be part of the fun to the new game. Below is a look, straight from SEGA, at the different masks available to the player.

Persona Mask Summary:

Dolphin Mask:

The Dolphin Persona mask gives NiGHTS the ability to transform into a dolphin. Normally, NiGHTS cannot swim underwater; using the dolphin mask will give the NiGHTS ability to go underwater finding new paths to explore that were unreachable before.

Rocket Mask:

With the Rocket Persona, NiGHTS is able to assume the form of a rocket. As you might expect, the main attribute of a rocket is speed! Instead of NiGHTS’ usual graceful flight, you can now blast full speed ahead! When used properly, this increased speed can be used to reach rings and other items further away.

Dragon Mask:

The Dragon Persona mask, NiGHTS can become a dragon. While the speed compared to other Personas is much lower, NiGHTS instead becomes unaffected by either wind or gravity, enabling NiGHTS to move through the air freely. Now, wind currents that might have kept NiGHTS at bay before will pose no obstacle.

You can check out the latest screenshots below.

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