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Markus “Notch” Persson's upcoming space-simulation, heavy science-fiction exploration adventure game just received a new test video and this time it shows off a bit more of the lighting and and lighting physics, as players are given a brief tour of one of the space ships.

We originally got to see 0x10c in action with the first lighting test video and I've got to say it was not looking impressive at all, neither with the lighting or otherwise. Given a combination of more recognizable geometry and slightly better textures for the space ship, we get to grab a much more identifiable prospect for what 0x10c could potentially turn into.

DSO Gaming spotted the new footage, which is just a short snippet of asset testing and a quick cameo of a star from Team Fortress 2. Check it out below.

I'd say the game has graduated from 1994ism to 1996ism or maybe 1998ism. I imagine, though, that Notch isn't really aiming to compete with today's standards of visuals, but I'd at least like to hope that the art is distinctive enough so that it's not viewed as just another MineCraft clone with the core features being mostly ignored.

Nevertheless, my interest is definitely piqued to see more and I'd love to see what the game looks like in play...and not just physics and art tests.

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