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All righty folks, we've officially come to the point where the next set of mobile devices are now just as strong if not stronger than the current generation consoles. How so? Well, it's all thanks to Nvidia's Project Logan's Kepler GPGPU that supports up to 10 times the amount of tessellation than current mobile processing solutions.

If the video above didn't impress you all that much the video below is bound to make your jaw drop. The brief tech demo is one that we've seen before only this time it's on different hardware. We get to see Nvidia's Ira, a realistic looking head aimed at jumping over the uncanny valley and finally making human 3D avatars look real.

Unlike other tech demos that are all about glitz, glamor and smoke and mirrors, Nvidia honestly and openly discuss the differences between Titan and Logan, easily letting everyone know the mobile processing solution isn't anywhere near as powerful as the Titan, but it does offer some striking performance upgrades over current GPU solutions. Check it out below.

The CUDA-capable processor is aimed at revolutionizing the way gamers interact with mobile technology, the press release further hammers home that point by stating...
Logan has only been back in our labs for a few weeks and it has been amazing to see new applications coming up every day that have never been seen before in mobile. But this is only the beginning. Simply put, Logan will advance the capability of mobile graphics by over seven years, delivering a fully state of the art feature set combined with awesome performance and power efficiency.

I'm curious how this would work with technology like the Brigade 3.0 Engine, which focuses on dynamic light passes and ray-tracing quality lighting and shadow mapping.

I imagine it won't be long before we see some truly high-end graphical games on mobile devices aimed to “wow” and visually “stun”. However, there is still a major problem with mobile gaming: the controls. You can only play casual titles on mobile devices and until things like the Wikipad or Nvidia's Shield start taking over the market share, we'll still have good looking mobile games with crappy controls.

On the bright side, at least mobile technology has finally elevated to the point where we could potentially see some neat games making use of the physics and visual properties available in the graphics processing arena to explore some creative and unique ideas.

You can learn more about Project Logan by paying a visit to the official Nvidia website.

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