CEO behind the Android-based game console, Julie Urhman, told Engadget recently that they would begin the game approval process soon. This comes on the heels of news regarding OUYA's first game being submitted and made active on the OUYA store. The attenuated approval process for games on the $99 console is a bit shocking, though.

The Engadget story has a short blurb noting that they only thing that they'll be checking for is malware, IP infringement and “excessive porn”.
"It's similar to mobile: they'll submit their games, and we'll review for intellectual property infringement, and malware, and excessive pornography. But ultimately it's a quick review and you're in the storefront in one capacity or another."

This is probably the first game console where the approval process allows for moderate porn. Heck, it's the first time I've heard of an approval process for a game console that even says porn is okay so long as it isn't excessive.

Of course, though, given the quick turnaround from the Kickstarter campaign and only a year to design and manufacture the OUYA console, I'm not surprised that they would want to have a certification process that's far more lenient than say Microsoft or Sony, where it can take up to several months to get a game certified and prepped for printing the gold master disc.

Still, this does leave open a floodgate of possibilities regarding what kind of games can and will end up on the $99 home entertainment system. We know that Valve has a strict policy on any sort of game that pushes the boundaries on pornographic material and will even have them removed from the Greenlight section despite the service being there for consumers/users to gauge whether a product deserves to be on Steam. Origin? Well, they haven't grown to that point yet and we all kind of know where MS, Nintendo and Sony stand with AO content.

I'm certainly curious if this means we could see a lot more mature games on OUYA than previously anticipated or will most developers keep it family friendly? Time will tell.

Game approval and certification gets underway later this month as OUYA will be shipping out to early adopters in March.

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