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You know what a lot of gamers have been asking for but never received? A Knights of the Old Republic 3. While some gamers figure that the closest they'll get to a KOTOR 3 is the spiritual MMO spin-off from BioWare, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Obsidian is hoping for a bit more, because if it were up to them they would “love to work” on a legitimate Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 3.

I was never fan of KOTOR, let's just get that out of the way right now. However, it wasn't a bad game and it was one of the few titles that helped shape the previous generation and bring some cultural identity to Microsoft's original Xbox, mostly by combining the deep rooted moral choices of previous BioWare/Obsidian games with the Star Wars lore and aesthetic. And even though BioWare designed the original Knights of the Old Republic, it was Obsidian who was tasked with bringing the sequel to life.

According to DSO Gaming, a loyal fan went to the Facebook page of Obsidian to ask about Knights of the Old Republic 2, begging, pleading, crying for a Steam port. The company was nice enough to direct the fan to the Steam page where the game was made available a few days ago.

Elated with overwhelming joy and pressured by the weight of fanboyism, the fan's face presumably lit up with glee and their fingers typed feverishly away on the Facebook page of Obsidian, asking the inevitable question to which all KOTOR fans would love to ask: Maybe it's time to work on KOTOR 3?

With iron resolve and keystrokes of humility, Obsidian decided not to dodge the question with a flaky PR response or a thinly veiled attempt to tell the loyalist to “bugger off”. Instead, they simply took the high road, embraced the Light Side and did something the old BioWare would have done in a heartbeat, acknowledging the fan with this mellow response: Ohhh, we would so love to!!! (Coy and humble happy smiley face).

While Jedi Master Gaben cried a single tear of joy, George Lucas scowled at the thought of happy fans and had a baby kitten impaled with a lightsaber from Episode 1, and then contacted a team to start working on a Jar Jar Binks Christmas Special DVD...just to offset the balance in the universe.

Right now, Obsidian Entertainment is working on South Park and prepping to finish it. THQ didn't want to rush it out because they're pushing for quality, as opposed to pushing for the quantity necessary to boost profit margins. Obsidian's Chris Avellone is also helping Brian Fargo and crew over at inXile Entertainment with the writing and narration of Wasteland 2, so despite layoffs and not receiving bonuses from Fallout: New Vegas because they were off a few Metacritic points [via Joystiq], Obsidian is still doing all right.

And while it's obvious they would be willing to get back to work on a new Knights of the Old Republic, it kind of seems like the not-so-good-folks over at Lucasarts aren't entirely thrilled with that concept...unless a big publisher decides to throw several dump-trucks worth of dollar bills on the front lawn of Skywalker Ranch.

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