Gamebox has acquired Odin Quest for their own promotional purposes and they want gamers who previously put time (and money) into the game under the reign of previous publishers to invest time (and money) into the game.

Odin Quest is your typical Korean-made, Norse-mythology based MMORPG that also happens to be free-to-play. As most gamers know, free-to-play either means you grind until you get what you want, or the game grinds your wallet until you get what you want. In either case, Gamebox wants you grinding away in their rendition of Odin Quest and they also wanted to entice gamers to join the fray by enticing gamers with some free goodies for the free-to-play RPG.

So what sort of free stuff are we talking about? Well, the promotional pack includes three Offline Exp Card, so you can level up even when you aren't online, the perfect item for people who love video games and don't have time to play them. There's also a Lv4 EHC Stone, three SB Crystals, five Escort Scrolls and three Generic Pearls. That's worth a bit of an investment of time, yeah? Well, in this case, the only time you have to give up is grabbing a code and using it to grab some items from within the game.

So here are the instructions on retrieving a cash shop promo code and getting the above listed items for free.

1.) Login or Create an account for Odin Quest at
2.) Once you are logged in find Kuroro and transfer to it.
3.) Talk with her and select Media Gift Code.
4.) Input your gift code and click the Claim button
5.) Check the in-game email to claim your gifts.

Now all you need is a code to so you can retrieve the items. Just head on over to Gaming Blend's Facebook Page to look for periodic postings of cash shop promotional codes for Odin Quest.

You can learn more about the game by paying a visit to the official website.

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