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The free-to-play shooter from U4iA Games, Offensive Combat, has made its way onto Facebook. The title brings over-the-top action and in-your-face comedy to the social networking service, enabling gamers to hop into the title and enjoy some Offensive Combat without needing a big rig or requiring a hefty installation.

Chris Archer, co-founder and CCO of U4iA Games commented in the press release about the new, more accessible version of Offensive Combat, saying...
“We designed Offensive Combat for a fast-growing segment of core gamers who want a fine-tuned, eSport-level FPS game that can be played anywhere, anytime via their web browser, and not limited by a major software install or the need for dedicated hardware,”
This is easily a growing trend in gaming because of how many people have access to things like Facebook and at the same time how convenient it is on lower end computers to hop right into the game by simply accessing an online app. It's a very lucrative alternative to relying on the clunky but reliable client-based model.

Dusty Welch, co-founder and CEO of U4iA Games commented about the recent switch saying...
“There’s no better platform than Facebook to seamlessly connect with your friends and play our game. We have already seen six-fold active user growth in a limited test over the holidays,”...“Hundreds of millions of gamers are clamoring for competitive gaming action they can play with all of their friends, and Offensive Combat is delivering that experience.”

The game plays fast and furious, and Welch and crew is hoping that the game can reach the Call of Duty levels of popularity. Now that it's on Facebook there's a strong possibility that it just might be able to top Activision's mega-FPS brand.