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Omerta Game, the creators of the MMO Mafia game, Omerta, has announced that they have officially launched the new version of the game and it’s still free-to-play. Looks like it’s time to get back to cracking knees and busting heads.

“The moment has finally arrived - the new version of Omerta is live! The last 2 years has been like shaking up a bottle of Champagne with the cork still in the bottle. We removed the cork earlier today. It is absolutely thrilling to see the new version of Omerta finally live!” comments Steve Biddick, CEO of Omerta Game.

Hailed as the most successful MMORPG Mafia game on the web, Omerta has been undergoing upgrades for the past two years by its designers. What’s more is that the game will run on modest computers with decent internet connections. But that’s not the highlight of the update, the game has some really neat new features tossed into the fray.

“New features include all-new bodyguards, a host of new weapons to choose from, revised kill algorithm, anti-cheat measures, city spot objects, the raid feature – there are too many to take in all at once” commented Otto Adang, Lead Designer on Omerta 3.

There have been a number of other noteworthy upgrades that interested gamers can take a look at by visiting the Official Omerta Website. For more gaming news, info, insight and updates, be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games.