One Man Is Determined To Finish Every Single Game On Steam

Steam is a platform for PC gamers by Valve that runs games on your computer. Earlier this year, there were a little more than 6,000 titles on Steam, and it grows every day. But that’s not stopping one man from achieving his goal of beating every single game on Steam.

According to Eurogamer, Multitasker (his Reddit name) is not your typical gamer. You might think someone with a goal like this in mind would be one of those gamers who never leaves their PC, surrounded by a tower of delivery pizza boxes and cans of Red Bull. Wrong. Multitasker is actually a family man with a 2-year-old son and another on the way. On Reddit, he has an entire thread dedicated to the project, which he has dubbed “Finish All Steam Games,” and fans and supporters can follow along. He’s been tackling his ambitious project since 2012.

According to the interview with Eurogamer, he’s not only a father, but an IT consultant from Norway. Where does he even find the time to achieve his goal? Multitasker uses photoshop to keep track of what games he’s accomplished in his library. And while he’s playing, he only ever plays three games at once. He told Eurogamer,

My friends identify me as the type of guy who always has some sort of project going on. I'm always doing something and rarely do I sit passive and for example watch television. Games as entertainment is the perfect fit for me as I feel more involved and active. This means that the time I spend for myself is usually spent in front of the computer.

While some Reddit users have questioned why anyone would want to finish every single game on Steam, others have expressed surprise in the extreme “multitasking” skill of Multitasker.

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Others are not so impressed with Multitasker’s mission.

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Despite some negative feedback from the social media community, Multitasker refuses to give up. So far, Steam tells him he’s spent nearly $15,000 on games and that number will only continue to grow as he continues on with his quest.

"I suspect it will get hectic when my second child arrives," he tells Eurogamer, "so most likely will it be scaled back quite a bit. I'll be back on track though, I'm sure of it."