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Immanitas Entertainment and HIVE Studio's upcoming side-scrolling, 3D beat-e'm-up action game, Ong Bak Tri is coming soon to mobile devices and PC. In lieu of the impending release, Immanitas has released a handful of new screenshots for Ong Bak Tri, which sees Tony Jaa's character running through some colorful stages and prepping, but not actually fighting anything.

There was a lot of reservations about the initial announcement of an Ong Bak game back during January of 2012. However, based on the screenshots I can't really say that the game looks too bad, it reminds me a lot of Frozenbyte's Trine, and if it's anywhere near as engaging either visually or gameplay-wise, it just might be a surprise delight.

On the flipside...this is a movie-based game. Jaa will reprise his role as a Muay Thai fighter kicking butt and taking names in a new movie that the game may or may not resemble. The upside is that the director of the movie, as well as the original fight choreographer and Jaa's stunt team have all collaborated together to help bring the game to life, including Jaa lending his likeness to the game.

Ong Bak Tri is in the final phases of development right now and will be releasing soon, internationally. You can check out the new screenshots of the game below or visit the Official Website to learn more.