Order Of War Gets Free DLC

Thursday marked the one month anniversary of real-time strategy game Order of War's release. Developer Wargaming.net could've bought you flowers or a necklace to celebrate the occasion but instead, they're giving you free downloadable content.

  • Heavy Bomber Squadrons - Addition of German Arado and Allied B-24 Marauder heavy bomber units to air support
  • Infantry Mortar Launchers - Addition of infantry mortar units
  • Off-Map Heavy Artillery - Addition of heavy artillery strikes to the air support menu
  • Survival Mission Mode - New survival mission mode where you fend off waves of attacking enemies for as long as possible

If you're saying, "Wait, I already have all of this stuff!", it's because you were a pre-order customer. The content was previously available only to gamers who reserved a copy of the game.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.