Spiral Game Studios got off to a really rocky start last year with the release of Orion: Dino Beatdown. The game wasn't bad but it launched with more bugs than a wooden house in a forest infested with termites. To seek redemption and rectify their standing in the gaming community, Spiral has announced that the Jurassic Edition of Orion will be free for purchases of the original game, and it'll be arriving during the first quarter of this year on Steam.

In addition to a Q1 release, the game will come jam-packed with more than 50 weapons, 100 Steam Achievements, nine different dinosaurs, five game modes, seven open-world levels, six vehicles and an in-game store for additional taunts, accessories and costumes. Check it out in the new announcement video below.

The original Orion: Dino Beatdown wasn't a bad game but the bugs and glitches really did detract from the overall game experience. The lack of proper modes and connection issues also prevented the game from living up to its full potential.

Thankfully, instead of trying to work their way around repairing the poorly received Dino Beatdown, Spiral is simply overhauling the concept and making things bigger and better for the sequel.

Hopefully things work out for the best, as it's a really cool concept that just needed some fixing up here and there. You can check out more over at the official Orion: Dino Beatdown Facebook page.

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