The first version of Orion: Dino Beatdown is currently available on the Steam, today. Indie developers Spiral Games Studio have been working hard on this off-beat first-person shooter, which sees a group of space marines doing battle against dinosaurs. I'm sure there's already a Syfy movie in the works.

The game is still an "early" PC release but promises tons of potential. In Orion players join or create a server, pick a class and then duke it out in FireFight type waves against increasingly difficult dinosaurs. What's more is that there's a bit of strategy involved as upgrades, ability points and weapon loadouts are attached to credits, which you can rack up by successfully completing rounds.

You'll need to keep your base's generators up and active in order to upgrade your character, which means you'll need to keep the dinos from rampaging through your base, all while aiming to stay alive.

Orion sports multiple weapon types, vehicles, jetpacks, mechs and fairly solid gunplay. If you're used to playing Call of Duty then it won't be difficult making the adjustment to Dino Beatdown...the fast-paced, arcade-type feel is offset with plenty of harrowing moments, such as pterodactyls swooping down out of the sky to pick you up and carry you off, or T-Rexes stomping around trying to swallow up anyone in their path.

I played an earlier version of the game so there were still some rough edges and kinks to work out, but Spiral plans to rollout plenty of patches for the game along with lots of additional free updates and content packs.

You can check out the complete list of Orion: Dino Beatdown below or visit the Official Website to learn more about the game.


• We are launching it at $9.99 USD (+ 10% discount)
• We are offering a 4-Player Co-Op Pack
• The game is launching with three dinosaurs - T-Rex, Raptor, Rham-Phorynchus.
• The game has over 30 pieces of Gear at launch.
• We are doing free title updates every month which will grow and evolve the game.
• Title Updates will include hotfixes, new worlds, new game modes and even new dinosaurs.
• New patch is going live this morning. It has over 40 fixes and updates so make sure to give it a new whirl if you played already this last week.

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