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Lately you may have seen a few articles here at Gaming Blend commenting and elaborating on how Gamigo has been going over and beyond to pick up and publish MMOs that really do break the trends, including Black Prophecy, Jagged Alliance Online and their recently announced Grimlands. Well, Gamigo is doing it again with one of the craziest MMO concepts I’ve ever heard of, where gamers collect eDNA by venturing throughout a virtual universe, and then create their very own world; it’s like Spore meets LittleBigPlanet meets Second Life.

I’m not going to try to write out every aspect of the god-game meets MMO eUniverse, I’ll let the near five minute video trailer do most of the explaining. You’ll be thoroughly surprised.

Okay, so try to soak all this in: you can travel to multiple game worlds, interact with friends, NPCs and partake in epic world-to-world struggles or just hang out and have fun. Neat, right? But then…then…there’s that whole suck the eDNA out of crap and then collect it in your storage and then build your very own world. How crazy is that? Awesome-crazy, right?

The first thing that comes to mind is a player who manipulates their world to become some industrialists, militaristic empire and then some other player who decides to create an alternate world that wants to conquer Mr. Industrialist-Military man and enslave his people. The combinations and collaborations that can spawn from a game like Otherland are endless and quite frankly, scarily breathtaking. I’d love to see how the eDNA thing works alone and whether players will be able to manipulate that feature to mix-and-match creatures or whatnot. The concept is so awesome.

You can learn more about Otherland or sign-up with Gamigo to keep up-to-date on the game as it preps for a 2012 launch over at the Official Website.