Outerra Game Engine Allows For Planetary-Sized Open-World Exploration

There are some great new game engines on the horizon, from the Euclideon Unlimited Engine to the upcoming Outerra Engine, game developers will have a lot to look forward to from the design and development community.

The Outerra Engine basically procedurally creates the entire Earth. That's right, using advanced algorithms, the Outerra Engine offers gamers an open-world landscape that's as big as the entire planet.

The news about the new tech demo, which is currently available for download, comes courtesy of GameRanx, where they noted how amazing this new engine is and the possibilities that come along with it.

The official description does a slightly better job of laying out exactly what the Outerra Engine is capable of...

Outerra Engine is a unique 3D engine, a world rendering engine capable to seamlessly render whole planets from space down to the ground level. It can use real world data to render the planets realistically, while it also dynamically refines the data using procedural algorithms to provide high ground-level detail.It can integrate vector data overlays for roads, and land class modifications. Uses the JSBSim Flight Dynamics Model library for high fidelity simulation of aircraft, and Bullet physics engine for simulation of vehicle physics. Terrain and fractal algorithms maximally utilize the GPU, leaving the CPU resources for simulation.

In plain terms this means that the engine can be used for games ranging from flight simulators to titles such as Grand Theft Auto, enabling gamers to experience a wide range of interactive gaming possibilities.

A new game is also on the way running on the Outerra Engine called Anteworld, which is a city-building strategy game that will see gamers trying to rebuild the world after a devastating, planetary event disrupts modern civilization. The neat part is that there will be multiplayer features enabling gamers from all over to contribute to rebuilding the planet in Anteworld.

You can learn more about the Outerra Game Engine or download the free tech demo to explore the possibilities by visiting the Official Website. Also, be sure to check out the video on GameRanx that shows how everything looks at ground level and then in real-time zooms all the way out into space. Awesome stuff.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.