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Blizzard Entertainment recently released a new video featuring the gameplay antics of the run-and-gun character, Tracer. She's not hard-hitting with her attacks by a long shot, but boy oh boy is she really hard to hit. You can see the speedster in action with the video below.

Tracer doesn't do a whole lot of damage opposite of some of the other characters on the Overwatch roster and her guns zap through ammo pretty quickly. There's also a lot of spread on the particle pistols, making it difficult to kill opponents in just one clip.

Tracer also takes damage quite easily and can be killed with just a few hits. Her life isn't as high as some of the other characters.

It sounds like there are a lot of drawbacks to Tracer but her downsides don't outweigh her upsides. Tracer is extremely fast and can move around the arena at blinding speeds, making her a difficult target for even the most adept sharpshooters. This means that so long as players stay on the move and keep aware of the arena surroundings they shouldn't have any problems staying alive, as evident in the video above.

Tracer also may lack a punch to her pistol power but she more than makes up for it with the ability to teleport in close to opponents, stick a bomb to them and then zip back out. Think of it as the equivalent of going invisible with the Elites in Halo and then tagging an opponent with a Plasma grenade. It's just a matter of time before they go boom.

Tracer also has the added ability to reverse time briefly, so she can reset to a position. This little tactic was perfectly timed on several occasions in the the video above where Tracer was under fire and used the time reversal to head back to a room where the health was located. This is where timing and situational awareness within an arena plays a huge part in how successful Tracer can be utilized.

Some users complained that she was way too overpowered and a character designed for noobs to abuse on the playfield. I think they take way too much away from the skill being utilized in the video as a measure for how everyone will play Tracer, which is not correct.

One major takeaway from the Overwatch video above is that Tracer has a lot of support from teammates. Many of the kills are support-kills, where teammates have already weakened opponents. Additionally, Tracer doesn't do enough damage to go head on against tanks, as we see a couple of times where her pistols do little more than tickle Reinhardt.

Tracer also lacks the ability of other Overwatch characters to get to unreachable areas. Characters like Pharah and Hanzo still have a positional advantage over Tracer where they can get to hard-to-reach places she can't reach. There's a lot of give and take for each character in Overwatch, but I will admit that trying to actually hit someone who plays Tracer well will be a real pain in the neck.

The beta for Overwatch is set for later this year and you can learn more about the game by visiting the official website.

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