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Blizzard let loose a new animated short for the upcoming first-person, team-based shooter, Overwatch. This time the film focuses on the character Widowmaker, a deadly, cold, calculating assassin. The short film certainly does not disappoint.

Game Informer posted up a brief blurb about the new animated short, explaining how Widowmaker is tasked with taking out a politician advocating for peace between robots and humans. She's not the only Overwatch character highlighted in the piece. We also see Tracer make a heroic appearance as well. Check it out below.

So Widowmaker attempts to take out the politician but is quickly thwarted by Tracer, who leaps in to fire at the deadly sniper. A chase ensues through a building where the two fire off rounds against one another leading to a brief scuffle on the rooftops.

Once they get back outside, we get to see the real difference between skill versus tech, and Widowmaker definitely wins out in the skill department. While Tracer is zippy and fast and has the ability to rewind time by a few seconds, she's consistently outsmarted, outgunned and outwitted by the crafty sniper.

The two battle it out leading up to Widowmaker aligning a shot directly at Tracer's chest. However, being the time-savvy space bender that she is, Tracer manages to teleport out of the way, but in doing so she leaves the politician open for receiving a headshot. The short ends with Widowmaker explaining how alive she feels when taking a life, hence the title of the short film, “Alive”.

While Tracer manages to save herself, she fails to protect the the robotic diplomat. It's interesting but Widowmaker manages to grab the win and get away, something we oftentimes don't see. It's nice that Blizzard gave the bad guy a win this time around. It also opens up a lot of possibilities for the overall world of Overwatch, and how both sides try to etch out wins in the ebb and flow of their never-ending battles.

Within the game itself, the content is a lot more... cheerful. Even though players are tasked with shooting down their opponents, it's all done in a bloodless, colorful way. The dark overtones throughout this latest short film for Overwatch contrast the more lighthearted approach that Blizzard took with Winston's story that they released a short while back.

If they use different cinematic and tonal approaches for different characters, I think it could craft a unique world for the new IP. A lot of gamers and general trailer aficionados see these short films and are left wanting more... something like a feature length film. Blizzard and Activision have opened up studios specifically for doing television and movies, so I wouldn't put it past them to further expand the Overwatch property outside of gaming.

The upcoming first-person shooter is due for release on May 24 for the PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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