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There's an old saying that states, "If you can't beat them, make a Flash game that pokes fun at their abuse of animals." Animal rights group PETA is taking this imaginary advice to heart and has created Super Chick Sisters, a Super Mario-like platformer that targets McDonald's.

Ronald McDonald has kidnapped Princess Pamela Anderson and intends to make her part of his "unhappy meals." You play a little chick with a green or red plumber hat that must rescue Princess Pam as well as all the chickens they regularly slaughter. While progressing through levels, fellow chickens spout factoids like this: "Did you know McDonald's is one of the biggest sellers of chicken flesh? And that they use an outdated method of slaughter that leads to extreme suffering for birds?" Subtle.

Satiric Flash games seem to be an annual tradition for PETA. Last year they released Cooking Mama: Mama Kills Animals, the Unauthorized PETA Edition, a game that criticized the Cooking Mama series and its animal-mutilating ways.