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The Kickstarter video game-funding boom continues with the launch of a new campaign for Paper Sorcerer, a single player turn-based RPG from one-man studio Ultra Runaway Games. Providing a faster turnaround than most Kickstarter projects, Runaway's Jesse Gallagher has until July 9 to earn his requested $5,000 with a projected release date for the game of late August.

Paper Sorcerer is already deep into development and, according to the Kicksterter page, the funds will be utilized for miscellaneous development costs, developer licenses, as well as testing the game for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Runaway's first game, Paper Sorcerer tells the tale of a renegade magic-user who was eventually captured within a magical book to prevent him from taking over the world. Players take on the role of the bad guy in this art-heavy RPG romp, exploring the dungeons of the book that serves as your prison, recruiting monstrous allies and summoning them to assist in battle.

Gallagher explains the his project in the Kickstarter video below:

Given how far into development Paper Sorcerer already is, the investment seems like a safer bet than many Kickstarter projects we've seen making the rounds. It's set to cost $3 on PC at launch, and a matching donation through Kickstarter will include your very own copy of the game.

For more info, pledge levels and additional benefits, visit the Paper Sorcerer Kickstarter Page. Additional development details can be found at the Ultra Runaway Games blog.

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