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Acony and K2 Networks recently announced that the closed-beta for Parabellum is starting and it appears they’ll need mercenaries to round out the experience…that means they want you to sign-up now.

"We are very proud to take our relationship with GamersFirst to the next level. The entire team has worked diligently towards this goal, and everyone involved is very excited indeed.” Stated Andre Herbst, Marketing Director/Founding Partner, Acony “We are extremely excited about the opportunity of hearing feedback from the gaming community during this important closed beta phase."

Following Parabellum wasn’t easy as a gaming journalist. Mainly it was because the game disappeared for quite a while after it was first announced. The concepts seem kind of cool with the destructible environments, gigantic selection of fully customizable weapons and multiplayer components designed to emulate leveling and skills suited for an MMO. Did I happen to mention that this game is free-to-play?

Anyway, K2 Networks picked up the North American distribution reigns for Parabellum, allowing for gamers to partake in the closed-beta that will offer up 4 playable maps, 10 different main weapons, 3 supporting weapons, and millions of customization features for their character.

You can learn more about Parabellum by visiting the Official Website. For more gaming news, info and updates, be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games.