Who you gonna call? Well, certainly not the Ghostbusters...not this time. But if you’re looking for some spooky fun wrapped in a mysterious adventure game for the Nook, the answer is Detective Heather Mills. Her popular hidden object game, Paranormal Agency, is finally haunting the Nook Color and Nook Tablet for $4.99.

Coming from publisher G5 and hitting Nooks *checks watch* right now, Paranormal Agency boasts 50 levels of hidden object gameplay tasking players with detecting the causes for multiple hauntings all over the city. You don’t get to strap on a proton pack but, hey, using ESP is pretty cool too, right? Right???

Unlike many hidden object games, Paranormal Agency keeps gameplay fresh with five different types of hidden object challenges and seven unique minigames.

You can try it out for free on your Nook Color or Tablet, then drop the $5 in-game if the ghost hunting antics manage to tickle your fancy. This is a model I’d like to see adopted more frequently on the Nook. Without as large a user base as, say, iDevices, it can be difficult to trust the handful of questionable user reviews that get attached to some games. The ability to try before you buy should come as a welcome addition for wary shoppers.

If you don’t own a Nook and are feeling a bit left out, Paranormal Agency is already available on iOS, Mac, PC, the Kindle Fire and Google Play. Way to be late to the party, Latey McLaterson.

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