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I knew there was a new trailer for Payday 2 called 'The Dentist'. We were busy with a lot of the typical politically correct news stories happening within the gaming industry to give it the sort of tender, time and care that it deserved, but recently some new screenshots have surfaced to accompany the trailer that makes it all worthwhile.

PC Gamer posted up some new visual information for Payday 2's upcoming Big Bank DLC. It follows up on the Armored Transport DLC that recently released not too long ago.

The Big Bank DLC was first hinted at during the video “The Dentist” which stars Breaking Bad's Giancarlo Esposito, who plays a stern but collected contractor, which you can check out below.

As for the new images of the upcoming DLC – some of which you can view below – they showcase a large bank with multiple entry points, zip-lines and escape routes. There's also going to be a new pre-planning phase implemented into the game that enables teammates to plan out the best course of action for tackling heists.

The thing that really gets to me is how far Overkill Software and 505 Games have stepped up their game to compete with upcoming titles like Battlefield: Hardline, where EA and Visceral Games took the competitive nature of Battlefield and turned it into a semi-open world showdown that borrows from the likes of APB: Reloaded, GTA V and Payday 2.

Originally I thought that Battlefield: Hardline would be untouchable this fall season given that it takes everything that made Battlefield 4 cool and then elevate that with the competitive and tense nature of pulling off heists just like in Payday 2. However, Overkill is showing that they're still in it to own it and that they aren't going down without a fight.

While you don't get all the vehicular mayhem from Hardline, you still get all the awesome features that we saw in the trailer, such as breaking in through the roof, zip-lining between buildings and trying to make an equally dynamic exit to a very explosive entrance.

Overkill has been consistently updating the game with tons of new content and it was easily one of my favorite games of 2013. I've even managed to buy DLC for it that I haven't even had time to play. I really love what this game offers and I'm glad to see that the developers are continuing to support it almost a year after launch.

In addition to the Big Bank DLC, a new casino heist, a Hoxton breakout and a few more pieces of content are scheduled to arrive as well. You can pick up a digital copy of Payday 2 right now, or look for the Big Bank DLC to drop on July 17th next month. For more info feel free to pay a visit to the official website.
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