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Well here’s a fun, unexpected little crossover. According to a video teaser released by the team at Overkill Software this morning, it looks like Payday 2 will be getting some Hotline Miami DLC. Chicken masks for everyone!

Actually, the more I think about it, the more it makes sense that these two particular games would decide to play nice for some DLC goodness. They’re both pretty violent affairs, for one, and wearing masks plays a big role in both games, too. Of course, one game features goofy face masks and the other features various animal masks, but that might speak to the level of crazy one must aspire to in order to rob banks or go on an assassination rampage.

The announcement video went live on Overkill Software’s official site, stating that Hotline Miami DLC would arrive for Patday 2 on Sept. 30 through Steam. No word yet on if said DLC will be coming to console versions of the game, or if there will be a price attached to the new content.

Honestly, if they pull this off well, it could actually be a really interesting combination of games. Hotline Miami is an extremely violent top-down game that plays as much like a puzzler as an action title, having the player move from room to room on a quest to dispatch all of the baddies before taking a hit. A Payday 2 mission could basically put that experience into a first-person view, giving players a chance to get up close and personal with those crazy antics. Count me double intrigued if they decide to keep the 1970s-era Miami vibe present in the Hotline game.

This also opens the door for potential quid pro quo awesomeness. If Overkill is plugging some Hotline Miami content into their game, then why shouldn’t Devolver Digital drop some Payday 2 masks into the upcoming Hotline Miami 2 as well? Maybe a handful of missions could take place in 2D versions of Payday maps, too?

Either way, it’s fantastic to see developers coming together and creating interesting new content based on a love for each other’s work. It’s doubly nice when said projects can serve as cross-promotion, especially since one of the series is due for a sequel in the very near future.