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The new update for Perfect World International by Perfect World Entertainment consists of a brand new character class, updated visuals, and a few new places to roam.

According to the news release…
The Rising Tide expansion is upon us! We're releasing a bunch of items, mainly expansion related, into the boutique! We have everything from wings to smileys, so there is something for everyone!

There’s obvious graphics differences between the new classes and the old ones, with the older classes looking like they stepped out of 1999 while the newer (Tideborn class) has a sharper design with cleaner textures.

Nevertheless, the update offers up two new character classes: the psychic and the assassin. And they are attached to the Tideborn race. Some new quests, items and content were also added to go alongside the new race and it’s all live and available to experience in the free-to-play Perfect World International.

You can check out a newbie guide for getting started or learn more about the new content by paying a visit to the Official Perfect World Online Website.

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