Peter Molyneux and 22Cans has taken to Kickstarter. Yes, you read it right. Mr. This Will Change Your Life Molyneux has taken to Kickstarter. However, a long winded reputation of over-promising and under-delivering has resulted in his god-game idea getting off to a horribly rocky start.

When Tim Schafer took to Kickstarter he managed to get a vaguely explained adventure game funded in less than 24 hours. Brian Fargo and crew at inXile Entertainment managed to rack up $2.9 million through Kickstarter for Wasteland 2, and Obsidian garnered tons of community support for their Kickstarter Project Eternity, resulting in a massive outpouring of more than $4 million for a pseudo-sequel to Baldur's Gate.

So what happened with Molyneux? Well, for the first day on Kickstarter he was met with a lot of community criticisms. In fact, the first article I read about his Project Godus game was riddled with naysaying and jilted gamers who were jaded on the over-hype and superfluous promotion of previous Peter Molyneux titles. “Never again” they said.

Even with a humble Kickstarter video, after a day of pledging the high profile Molyneux has only managed £83,560 as of the writing of this article. If this were a no-name project from a no-name developer, that would be impressive. But this is one of the most high profile developers of all time.

I'm curious if Molyneux and crew at 22Cans will be able to hit their goal in the next 28 days given that even with tons of media exposure they seem to be inching their way across the racetrack. Gamers are well aware of Project Godus but they seem awfully reluctant to give any of their hard earned cash over.

We'll probably check back in at the half-way mark to see if they've pulled in any massive support, but if they keep going at their current rate I don't think they'll hit their goal. You can learn more about Project Godus by paying a visit to the Official Kickstarter Page.

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