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Peter Molynuex Discusses Fable 2

Peter Molyneux recently spilled a little bit about Fable 2. Like most gamers who got their hopes up when the original Fable promised us a lot more than it actually delivered (and will people ever stop bringing that up?) I’m cautiously optimistic about what game designers say in the early stages of their game development. Molyneux shared a little bit about what we should expect, and it all sounds super, and maybe this time we will get what we are promised.

According to an interview Molyneux did with, the typical “difficulty setting” that we all know and love will not be employed in the same way in Fable 2. A beginning player will be able to defeat the same battle that a more experienced player could, but the experienced player will handle it better and be able to employ all of the weapons and magic to its fullest capacity. In fact, it is very important for each player to have his or her own fighting style and find the combination of melee and range weapons and magic that works best for him.

“We have spent a long time balancing our combat so that the Fable 2 combat style feels unique against any other game,” said Molyneux.

In addition to this, there is a more revolutionary approach to dying in Fable 2.

“There are two things to bear in mind here; don't think of it as death more as being incapacitated for a while. Why should you have to restart a battle? Why not just change the definition of a battle if you fall? But to have tension in fights you need to have some cost and if that cost is about something you've collected in the game such as experience or money then the battle will mean more to you.”

Of course these bits of information are not the most exciting things about the game, despite how cool they sound. Mr. Molyneux teases the reader by implying there is much more information that he can’t share quite yet. Chances are we’ll be hearing a lot more about the game in coming months.