Terraforming a 3D world of your dreams with cool sci-fi weapons, amazing customization features and fearsome alien creatures looking to turn you into a flesh sandwich is all part of the experience in the latest alpha release of the indie game Planet Explorers.

Pathea Games is one of many indie devs out there putting big budget studios to shame coming up with amazing game ideas and executing them in ways where the fun trumps all else. This pretty much sums up their world-modifying game, Planet Explorers where you'll fight, form, create, build, destroy and explore a vast world that challenges you both creatively and combatively. Grab a glimpse of the game in action with the trailer below.

Planet Explorers a0.4 Build and Create Trailer - Indie DB

That is so very, very impressive.

This game managed to get on our radar after another promo trailer released for the game last year in July and the team gave a nice rundown of the features and possibilities present in the title.

You can learn more about the latest alpha build or just gather more information about the game itself by visiting the official IndieDB page. The alpha build is rather small, clocking in at only 1.5GB.

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