Sony Online Entertainment decided not to wait until E3 to show off more of PlanetSide 2. They've released a new trailer that features the MMOFPS's airborne combat.

The trailer's a pretty straightforward intro to the game's flight. A huge group aircraft of attack a base. Some peel off to skirmish with enemy fighters while the bombers move in to wipe out vehicles. Probably could've picked music a little less overdone than "Ride of the Valkyries" but that's really my only complaint.

This air battle is just the tip of the iceberg for PlanetSide 2. Players will join one of three factions battling for control of a planet. Though this trailer only showed air combat, players will be able to take the fight to the enemy on land and at sea.

PlanetSide 2's currently undated. SOE has been accepting beta applications since December.

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