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At the end of January, Sony Online Entertainment will roll out a major patch for their MMO shooter PlanetSide 2. One of the main changes of the patch is that it will be easier for everyone to earn more XP.

SOE is also trying to make the game a bit more friendly to the losing side. Spawn buildings will have more exits, easy roof access and protected balconies to curtail camping. Players will be briefly invulnerable after spawn and worth less XP if killed right away. The spawn rooms of Amp and Tech facilities will have tunnels to the walls and other structures to make it easier for defenders to regroup.

The January update will also allow players to switch their characters to different servers. These server transfer tokens will be purchaseable through the in-game Depot. The price wasn't mentioned.

The full list of planned changes can be found at PlanetSide Universe. The patch is expected to go live on the 30th.