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There's a new trailer from Sony Online Entertaniment and the basic premise of the trailer is to ask gamers a very simple, very straightforward, very basic question: Can your FPS do what Planetside 2 does? I'm going to go ahead be a buzzkill and lay out a big, emphatic, brotastic “No”.

Unlike other trailers that sell themselves on cinematics, over-the-top Hollywood set-pieces and dynamic quick-time events, the new trailer for Planetside 2 is entirely about the game itself. What you'll experience, what you'll play and what this FPS can do right out of the freaking install screen.

I failed pretty bad at this game when it launched but I failed having fun. There's a steep learning curve for the teamplay but the game itself is easy to pick up and play just like any other FPS title. The one big difference is that the game doesn't have AI...everyone you face off against are live, living, breathing players and there are thousands of them in a single shard.

You can grab a free copy of Planetside 2 right now. Heck, it's even made compatible for Steam so all you Gaben fanboys can stuff your face with some full on action right now. Of course, if you're still hung up on age old shooters, you have to ask yourself...can your rehashed FPS do what Planetside does?