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The wave-blasting antics of Plants vs. Zombies is about to go multidirectional as PopCap Games announces the official release of Plants vs. Zombies Adventures for Facebook, offering a new way to play and social elements to keep you and your zombie-pulverizing friends connected.

Not to be confused with this summer’s upcoming Plants vs. Zombies 2, Plants vs. Zombies Adventures is a brand new entry in the franchise, available only through Facebook.

“The first social adaptation of PopCap’s famed fun-dead franchise, the game offers an ever-expanding world of new plants and zombies and takes players on a series of zombie-infested road trips with their friends,” reads a statement from PopCap and EA.

Having been in beta for the past two months, PVZA, or Puvezah for short, finally releases today on Facebook, giving everybody the chance to check out the game’s new features.

“We’re thrilled to bring new ‘Adventures’ to Plants vs. Zombies fans around the world, challenging them to use new strategies to defeat zombies as they come from all directions in a range of cool new settings,” said Executive Producer Curt Bererton. “We know gamers have been clamoring for new ways to play and compare their PvZ prowess with friends, and now they can do that for the first time.”

That’s right; zombies can come at you from all directions this time around. Thankfully, you’ll have some new combat mechanics to take on the shambling masses, including new battle tactics, freeze abilities and new power-ups including the Zombie Zapper, Gardening Glove and Dynamite.

There are also 10 new zombies to discover, 11 new plants and even human characters to help expand your town. New content will be released on a regular basis, and the game also comes packed with social features like the ability to send a horde of zombies to your friends’ towns and leaderboards.

To try it out for yourself, just head on over to the official Puvezah Facebook page.

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