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PopCap Games announced today that a free flash version of their Plants Vs Zombies is now available for free-play on the official PopCap Games website. If you have a mouse and click your buttons effectively, then you’re eligible for playing the flash version of Plants Vs Zombies.

According to the press release, Ben Rotholtz, vice president of Marketing at PopCap, commented saying …
“Plants vs. Zombies is a deceptively deep game that takes awhile to grow on gamers,”… “The new Flash-based version will give prospective buyers a way to sample more of the modes and moments that make up the full game experience.”

The game features players growing plants to take on various zombies trying to overthrow the yard. Different plants offer up different effects and so it’s important to utilize those plants well and fend off the zombie onslaught.

A list of the game’s features are below. Once you’re done doing the reading you can head on over to the Official PopCap Games Website to get in some free playtime of Plants Vs Zombies. For more gaming news, updates, info and media, be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games.

The Flash version of Plants vs. Zombies includes: • 3 available game modes (Adventure, Endless Survival, Vasebreaker)
• 14 levels of Adventure mode
• A zombie not found in the PC version!
• 6 zombie types and 12 plants with which to stop them
• Graphics and gameplay faithful to the PC version
• Unlike most of our web based games, PvZ streams in the music of the PC version as you play
• Enhanced performance features of Flash 10