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Braaaaaaains...For those of you still jamming on Plants vs. Zombies on iOS, your perseverence is being rewarded with an all new update for your favorite flower-infused, zombie-pelting pastime.

Plants vs. Zombies is a base defense game that sees a horde of goofy undead shamblers slowly making their way through a garden. You happen to be in charge of this garden, however, and your sprouting vegetation is way better armed than the average sunflower. Your angry plants can shoot, blast and explode the zombie masses with each plant giving you a different defensive ability to choose from.

If you already happen to have Plants vs. Zombies on your iDevice, then this latest patch is free and available now, offering five new game levels, a Last Stand Endless Mode, and three new achievements to unlock.

The Last Stand mode grants players a limited amount of sunlight to fuel their planty army. Now you'll have to keep the zombies at bay with a limited amount of resources, making this mode more hectic than standard endless play.

Along with enhanced Retina Display for iPad, the update also offers a variety of new items for purchase within the app, including a new Mallet Pack for whacking zombies. If you enjoy the free update, you might want to consider throwing the developers a few bones as a sign of your appreciation. Barring that, you could always send them a cake. Your call.

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