PlayFirst's Avenue Flo: Special Delivery Available For Download Tomorrow

The sequel to last season's Avenue Flo has arrived for PC gamers and it’s called Avenue Flo: Special Delivery. The game features the small-town heroine, Flo, from the popular Diner Dash series, taking on Diner Town with a number of puzzles and quirky adventures…just what casual gamers asked for.

Becky Ann Hughes, Director of Product Marketing for PlayFirst commented in the press release about Avenue Flo: Special Delivery, saying…

“The Avenue Flo series immerses players in a humorous story that could only happen within the eccentric DinerTown community,” … “Ever since Flo’s debut in Diner Dash, our team has worked diligently to craft each character’s unique story within the DinerTown world. Avenue Flo brings this vision to life and the debut of Avenue Flo: Special Delivery will excite DASH fans with a new addition to the DinerTown cast of characters.”

The game combines a mixture of cartoony characters from the Dash universe, including wacky characters such as Barb the Businesswoman from Cooking Dash 3 and Aunt Ethel from Wedding Dash.

Gamers eager to get in on the casual, puzzle-gaming action can do so beginning November 13th, tomorrow, for PC and Mac via digital download. To learn more about Avenue Flo: Special Delivery be sure to visit the Official Website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.