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Playing On Hacked Battlefield 3 Servers Can Get Your Origin Account Banned

Electronic Arts wants to condense down on the amount of accounts required to play each of their games. They're aiming to consolidate player access to any EA game from one persistent account. Well, news has surfaced that during the beta of Battlefield 3 hacked servers sprouted up allowing 128 players to play on 32-player Rush maps, and there’s the potentiality of having your Origin account banned for participating in the hacked servers.

As stated on the BF3 Blog, a warning was issued by DICE, with the website stating the following…

Unofficially […] several servers have been popping up with the conquest version of Operation Metro, which supports up to 64 players. Not only that, some game servers have already been hacked to support up to 128 players — we’ve tested out Operation Metro on conquest with 64 and 128 players, and can confirm their existence, albeit, the 128 player server lagged considerably.Since then, DICE has released a statement on Battlelog, informing users not to join any unofficial/hacked servers. Doing so can compromise your EA account and have it banned by EA (meaning you won’t have access to your other EA games, either).

The good part about Origin is that you can access all your EA games from one convenient account, the bad part is blatantly obvious in the last paragraph: if your EA account is compromised then you may lose access to the games and DLC you purchased.

Now, I’m assuming the statement is more-so to strike fear within the hearts of gamers to keep them from tampering around with hacks and whatnot, but if there is a possibility to have your EA/Origin account disabled or banned for participating in unauthorized activity then that’s a little extreme.

Of course, this isn’t quite telling if gamers can have their account banned for unknowingly joining an unauthorized server or if there will just be warnings or bans sent out to the server’s host.

If you have an EA or Origin account you can sign in and read the entire statement from DICE over at the Official Battlelog Website.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.