We’re still not sure when World of Warplanes will be ready to launch but, if you’ve been looking to get in on the beta and have been having some trouble, you might want to check out PointMMO, a new digital gaming portal focused on free-to-play games that just so happens to be passing out 5,000 beta keys.

World of Warplanes is Wargaming.net’s follow-up to World of Tanks, the hugely popular armored vehicle battle game. In similar fashion, World of Warplanes will focus on the “golden era” of fighter birds, giving players control of aircraft from the 1930’s on up to the Korean War jets. Each craft features various ammo types, engines, etc., allowing the player to pick a plane that’s perfect for their own playstyle.

Once you’ve found the right plane, it’s time to take it online in a never-ending battle for the skies.

World of Warplanes is a fast-paced action game that really pushes the limit of aerial combat…” said PointMMO CEO Kay Gruenwoldt. “We know beta keys are getting scarce right now and hope the community seizes the opportunity to check out this very fun game while the keys are still available.”

In order to grab a beta code, head on over to PointMMO and follow the instructions listed on the page. Basically, all you have to do is set up a site account, as well as a World of Warplanes account. PointMMO promises the “fastest download available for every title on the platform,” as well as exclusive promotions, all of the social features you would expect and exclusive in-game items for many of its games.

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