Primal Rage II is one of those rare canceled video games that has earned an almost legendary status. It was slated to be the follow-up to a beloved fighting game that featured mammoth dinosaurs. Other than an article or two hyping the production of the game in the mid-90's, however, Primal Rage II basically disappeared from the face of the Earth. Now, nearly 20 years following its cancellation, we're finally able to see what the game would have looked like in a newly released video showing off actual gameplay.

Back in the 1994, Primal Rage took the fighting world by storm thanks to its unique claymation graphics and the fact that, instead of playing the usual batch of human characters, players took control of seven vicious dinosaurs.

Atari had a hit on their hands, but the publisher pulled the plug before a sequel could ever be released to the public. The game was apparently deep into development when it was given the ax. Several magazine articles had touted the upcoming sequel as featuring seven god-like human characters that could transform into the original game's dinosaur heroes. For whatever reason, Atari grew skeptical of Primal Rage II's chances of capturing lightning in a bottle a second time, and decided not to release the game to the masses.

Primal Rage II fell into obscurity, though it was never truly forgotten. Fighting fans will bring it up from time to time, referencing the original articles (and even a few in-game screenshots that have popped up on the internet over the years) in discussions that ponder “what might have been.”

Well now we can do a lot more than speculate. Shoryuken first tipped the internet off to a short video that popped up on Youtube a few days ago. The video comes from user “raydude,” who is quite clearly playing Primal Rage II in a working cabinet. Atari had put together some test cabinets during the production of the game and, according to raydude, his machine had been in storage for a good 14 years. Time treated the cabinet well, apparently, as raydude can now be seen playing Primal Rage II for just shy of five minutes.

I honestly never thought I'd see Primal Rage II in motion, so it's baffling to me to think that, after all of these years, I can finally see “what might have been.”And now you can, too!

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