Wadjet Eye Games and Wormwood Studios have announced that a playable PC demo of the upcoming retro-adventure game, Primordia, is now available. You can grab the demo for free right now, assuming you have 700MB free and the will to engage in some wasteland cyberpunk adventures.

Sporting some of the best art in a point-and-click game since Gemini Rue, Primordia is a game that sees players assuming the role of Horatio Nullbuilt as he and his comic-sidekick Crispin aim to recover a power source stolen from them by a deadly floating robot.

The game is full of dynamic encounters with a cast of unique characters, lots of deep science fiction for gamers to wrap their heads around, and plenty of synthesized music to round out the retro-themed experience.

You can grab the demo right now, for free, ahead of the game's December 5th launch next week. You can also learn more about the game before deciding to download the demo by heading on over to the Official Website. If you don't feel like fishing for the demo, you can grab it from the link right here.

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