Do you like prisons? Do you like prison inmates? Do you like designing prisons? If you answered “Yes” to all three then you'll probably want to get in on the pre-order action for Prison Architect, the upcoming indie game from Introversion, the same minds behind the wildly popular niche games Defcon and Darwinia. Oh yeah, and you better hurry because pre-orders are running out for the bigger and badder versions. is reporting on the numerical milestone of financial greatness that Introversion achieved with Prison Architect – a game I might add that has been receiving tons of positive feedback from the community.

So what do you do in Prison Architect? Well, I don't want to give everything away, but you can check it out in the video below.

That's kind of freaking intense.

I know one of the biggest questions gamers have had about the game is the ability to prevent or encourage soap dropping. It's an extremely important feature but unfortunately, as you just saw everything is quite tame when shower time hits.

Still, the game is shaping up nicely and a lot of gamers have been begging for a prison game since Mdickie's Hard Time, a game that didn't give an inch in how hard, brutal and uncompromising maximum security prison life can be....completely uncompromising. But gamers really seem to have taken to Prison Architect, especially with the amount they've dumped into the pre-order to gain access to the alpha.

Introversion director Mark Morris, however, did mention to about why they're so open about hitting the $1 million pre-order bonus goal, saying...
"With [the paid-alpha] we think we have produced another potential business model that will work for indie developers," ..."That's why we're being so open about the sales numbers... [Other indies] want to know if this alpha structure, the Kickstarter inspired tiers, did we get the price points right?"

I think they got the price points right.

At the moment they have 30,333 pre-orders at approximately $1,019,265. You can become one of those pre-order patrons by visiting the Official Website.

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