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Remember Project Awakened? The game is an original take on the superhero, create-a-character avenue that allows players to create the kind of character/hero/villain they've always wanted to play, complete with cool costumes, cool gear, cool weapons and everything else in between. The developers are trying their hand at crowd-funding the game after failing on Kickstarter.

Phosphor Games Studio is now hosting the crowd-sourcing through their own website instead of using services like IndieGoGo, or Kickstarter, which is where they tried their hand at crowd-funding the first time around.

As the video showcases, gamers can choose from a variety of playstyles to customize and shape their play-experience. It's unlike any other game currently on the market and it has a lot of style to boot.

One of the most interesting aspects of the game is being able to hone in on a character that combines a little bit of that noir stealth from Deus Ex with the kind of slice-and-dice nonchalance of someone like Altair or Connor from Assassin's Creed. It would also be pretty cool creating a stealth assassin who also dual-wielded guns.

The initial game will launch in a similar fashion to Minecraft, DOTA or DayZ: Standalone and allow the community to build and advance the game in a variety of directions.

Phosphor has cut funding down to a moderate $200,000 and they will forgo the Unreal Engine 4 for now and stick with the cheaper and almost equally versatile Unreal Engine 3. You can learn more about Project Awakened by paying a visit to the Official Website.