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All right folks, it only took forever but we finally got the video up here on Blend Games. So what makes this trailer so bloody-cool? Well, first off it’s because it acts like it’s going to be one thing and yet it turns out to be something else. In other words, this isn’t some freaking teaser trailer.

Okay, so the game isn’t due out until a long ways from now but GameHi wants to make sure gamers know that this game is coming. What better way to kick off a promotional campaign in North America than with a trailer that showcases a monster getting mutilated by a shotgun, a helicopter crash, an open battlefield scene and a camera-man in the midst of it all? Awesome is an appropriate word that comes to mind.

The game itself will basically play out dead-on like Gears of War; same kind of over-the-shoulder camera, same weapon mechanics, and the same kick-butt action. The difference, however, is that Project E is an MMO-action RPG. Meaning, you play it like Gears, but your character is persistent, gaining experience, weapons and level-ups in an ever-changing gaming experience. It offers all kinds of cool next-generation action-game features, wrapped up in a multiplayer experience.

You can check out the cinematic trailer below or visit the Official GameHi Website for more info. And be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games for further news, updates and info regarding Project E.

(You can check out the HD screen-caps here.)
(The fact-sheet for Project E is available here.)

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